Preparing to Sell your Home Checklist

Preparing to Sell your Home Checklist

Preparing to sell your home can be a stressful process that involves time, effort, and a little bit of money, but that investment will pay off once it’s time to sell. HGTV had a good start with their “10 Ways to Prep Your Home for Sale”, but they only scratched the surface on what you can do to set yourself up for success.

When you are selling your current home, typically you are also in the process of buying a home as well, which we all know can be just as or even more stressful than selling your current home. So to make things easier we here at Collier & Co. decided to provide a checklist of items to do before you are ready to sell your house. Using this list can give you a leg up on the others when preparing your home to sell.

☑ Cleaning and Decluttering

Nothing helps sell your home better than doing a deep clean and picking up your personal items throughout your home. Spending a day really cleaning every inch of your house (or hiring a cleaning service to do a one time cleaning) can help make your home smell fresh. Also, organizing your storage and rooms can really make an impact like how talks about how to “Cut the clutter” to open up smaller rooms and make areas feel bigger.

☑ A Fresh Coat of Paint

This is where a little investment goes a long way, investing in a new coat of paint throughout the interior can make a home feel newer. HGTV’s Maria Conti, discusses in her article about how paint colors can have an impact on your overall sell value of your home. Of course don’t forget that typically going with neutral colors is a smarter choice than that neon yellow. Softer shades of blues, grays, and lighter earth tones make the home easier to sell, or if a new buyer is wanting to repaint it requires less coats of paint to cover.

☑ Fix the Leaky Faucet

Well not just the leaky faucet, any of those small “to-do” projects around the home, from replacing a broken light fixture to the few nail holes in the wall in the dining room. All of these projects are items that can help sell your home to potential buyers. When buyers see a leaky faucet they immediately start to think, “if the faucet is leaking, what else is wrong with this house?”.

If the project seems a bit too much out of your skill set, don’t be afraid to get a local professional to make the repairs for you. It’s better to have it done right the first time than to potentially make the problem even worse.

☑ Curb Appeal

The exterior is the first impression of your home, if the yard is overgrown or the hedges look like something out of a horror film it’s going to stop people even wanting to come through the front door. According to, besides taking care of the lawn, adding a pop of color to the front door or cleaning out your gutters can even make a difference to your overall curb appeal.

Again, this is another area where a professional might be able to help you out. Hiring a company to install some new landscaping or provide your flower beds a face lift can really go a long way. Installing fresh mulch, annuals, or even some small shrubs are cost effective ways to really make an impact on your overall curb appeal.

☑ Staging your Home

We’ve all seen HGTV shows staging the homes for individuals, it’s the same concept here, people like the way certain layouts feel and how items are displayed in a home. Get some inspiration by watching some HGTV or talking with your Collier & Co real estate agent about what they have seen work well in the past. A few easy ways to help stage your home are getting some nice but cheap artwork to hang on the walls, testing out different layouts of your furniture, and even removing your family photos throughout your home so potential buyers can envision themselves living in the home This can really have an impact in how your home feels and looks.

Using living plants such as a ficus, potted flower, or succubus in areas you may want to highlight can help draw in buyers eyes, plus they can add with pops of color to contrast the neutral color walls you just painted!

Once you get to that point where you are ready to list your home for sale, reaching out to your local real estate agent can really get the process moving right along, especially if you’ve already gone through this checklist when preparing your home to sell.  Your real estate agent can come in, take the photos of your home, and be ready to schedule an open house expediting the selling process for you.