The Mainstreaming of Home Features and Finishings and the Impact on Potential Homebuyers

Staging your Home

HGTV, it’s a channel that’s shaped a generation of homebuyers. From Chip and Joanna’s Magnolia Homes, “Love it or List it” to the “Property Brothers” the potential buyers are becoming more educated on home features and furnishings. This expanded knowledge leaves those that are trying to sell their home in a difficult position because at times homebuyers can see a property and envision the updates that they want to make to make a property their dream home, but the expectations from buyers can lead to not getting the return on investment they want when listing their home. So how do you balance between the two items? Preparing and selling your house at a reasonable sales price, but still maintaining an affordable house price that will bring in multiple offers? The real estate agents here at Collier & Co are here to help.

Curb Appeal

This is one we can’t talk enough about. The way that your home looks when a potential home buyer pulls up can make a huge impact on the ability for you to sell your home. In planning for your house to be on the market and having an open house make sure that you do some of the following:

  • Pick of branches out of the yard
  • Put a Fresh coat of paint on shutters & front door
  • Mow the Grass
  • Trim your bushes and shrubs
  • Rake leaves (if you’re selling in the autumn)
  • Shovel Snow (if you’re selling in the winter)
  • Clean out your flower beds
  • Remulch

All of these items can help boost curb appeal. Moving Mountains Design, took a before and after picture to demonstrate the effect that doing some of these items have on the look of your home. See for yourself:

Impact of Curb Appeal


Renovating your home to help increase the price of your home is an age-old tatic sellers use to help make their home more attractive on the inside. Today’s home buyers though are more cognisant of homes that have newly renovated areas. Some common places to renovate:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Living Room
  • Deck or porch
  • Laundry Room

Make sure before you start to do any renovations that you do your homework. Look at comparables (comps) in the area and recent home sales to get an idea if you are going to be able to get your return on your investment or have your real estate agent help you identify a good list price. Nothing is worse than doing a renovation only to find out that you’ve priced your home out of the market and you end up losing on your investment when the closing date occurs.

The best plan would be to call your realtor at Collier & Co Real Estate before trying to decide what to renovate. They’re experts and will advise you on what renovations will give you the most bang for your buck.


Staging is an important step in the home selling process. You don’t have to hire a professional, Trulia has a whole guide on staging, but here’s a few of the highlights

Know Why You’re Doing It

The NAR has done survey’s that “49% of buyers’ agents believe staging affects most buyers’ views of a home and 77% of them say it’s easier for people to visualize a staged home as their own.” Also in that same study they determined that “39% of sellers’ agents said the sales price for staged homes were between 1% to 5% higher than unstaged homes.”

Stage the Right way

Start with your main focus rooms first. The initial entry living room, kitchen, and dining rooms are great places to start. Look to brighten areas with lighting and new paint. Also let as much natural light in as possible to give your home a more open feel. Look also at decluttering the home or renting some new furniture for the day. Think of a tasteful spartan look, enough furniture to give people an idea of the possibilities for the spaces. Too much can make the space feel enclosed.


Use these tips to help you get your home HGTV ready and wow potential buyers with all the style and finesse of Joanna Gaines. Don’t quite feel up to the task of preparing your home to sell or don’t quite know where to start? Let us help get you started on the right path.